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Nano Alpha 10

Nano Alpha 10

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Name of Product: Nano Alpha 10
Certified Number: NVC000021
Product Description

Nano Alpha 10 is one of the top performance oil spill cleaner which can clean almost all kinds of oils and greases.
Nano Alpha 10 is a non-toxic, low-foaming, non skin irritating, biodegradable and environmental friendly oil spill cleaner. It is made of powerful Nano Biotech Colloidal Micelles (NBCM) of non-toxic natural plant extracts, plant derivatives and biodegradable surfactants. NBCM posses the power and capacity to break down almost all types of aqueous organic molecules and hydrocarbons. It can be used with either plain water or sea water without any difficulties.
Nano Alpha 10 does not contain acids, fragrance, petroleum distillates, soaps, chemical thickening agent, nitrate, enzyme, phosphate, synthetic alcohol, animal fatty acid, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon toxic solvents, non-biodegradable surfactants, CFC and ozone depleting substances.

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Contact Person In charge Leong Man Loong
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