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Biowave Filtration Granules

Biowave Filtration Granules

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Name of Company: SHEPROS SDN. BHD.
Name of Product: Biowave Filtration Granules
Certified Number: NVC000019
Product Description

Normal air filtration systems are not highly efficient in removing VOCs, odors, smoke and ionizing radiation contaminants. These pollutants are becoming the major pollution in indoor air quality and adversely affecting human health and well-being.

SHEPROS with vast experience in air purification technologies, has developed a novel revolutionary molecular sieve adsorbent called BIOWAVE Filtration Media. BIOWAVE Filtration Media is crystalline solids structures made of silicon, aluminum and oxygen that form a framework with cavities and channels inside where cations, water and/or small molecules may reside. BIOWAVE’s porous crystalline structure provides nano-pores or "cages" which have high affinity to adsorb air pollutants. The application of this technology in HVAC products and air purifiers is very efficient for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) odors, photochemical smogs and ionizing radiation particles.

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Contact Person In charge Leong Man Loong
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